Welcome to Gorilla Mist camp

Welcome to Gorilla mist camp, your visit is a step back to a time when the earth was clean and the water was clear. Aside from the necessary clearing of the trails, it is one of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest’s prime accommodations. With options ranging from most hospitable accomodation to Perfect services from our finest staff, our helpful guide gives all options to create your safari wonderful with Ruhija Gorilla mist camp.

Gorilla Mist Camp is a place of profound natural beauty with its unique natural formations, colorful history and culture, and exciting recreation opportunities. It’s located in Kabale district south-west of Uganda. 10hrs drive over 405km from Ugandan capital, Kampala.

Nestled in the foothills of Kabale, our guests will feel right at home in any of our camp accommodations rooms. Gorilla Mist Camp is located 50 kilometers from Kabale town and it takes you 2 and half hours drive.  From Buhoma Gorilla Sector, it’s 50 Kilometers and still takes 2 and half hours drive.

2 hours from kabale town on a murrum bumpy road brings you to a wooden gate of Ndego that opens up to the forest drive. A 12km drive through the forest whistles and creaks deep in a secret world of mossy-green and pearl gray filled with ferns all over the trees will drive with you up to the second gate Ruhiija gate. .

When entering the jungle from Ndego gate you might get a chance to spot different monkey spcies, duikers, forest elephants and different species of birds some of which are found only in Bwindi Forest.

The Gorilla groups you visit are Oruzogo, Bitukura and Kyaguliro. You set-off from the camp to the park headquarters at7:50am in the morning so that by 8:00am you already at the park station and this will take you a 5 Minutes drive only.

You are required to move with packed lunch box and atleast a litre of water which is organized by Gorilla Mist camp.

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