Bird Watching

Bird Watching

bird watchingA walk into the forest which ranks the best in Uganda with 23 highly localized forest Albertine Rift endemics will expose you to your dream forest bird species. Ruhija being the highest peak of the forest offers the best view of rear species such as white starred robin, grey cuckoo shrike, strange weaver, banded Prinia, brown chested Alethe, slender billed Greenbul, yellow streaked Greenbul, white browned Crombec, mountain Illadopsis, Ludher’s bush shrike, grey bush shrike, grey green bush shrike; all these and many others are among the 588 species recorded in this park as of 2021 according to Avibase. 

Visit the Mubwindi swamp a rewarding steep mountain as you drop from 2400m to 2050m. Birding in the bamboo zone is good for handsome francolin, archers robin chat, stripe breasted tit, purple breasted sunbird, mountain Greenbul, duikers, warblers, dusky Crimsonwing, mountain Illadopsis, mountain yellow warbler to mention a few. Birders who come with camping equipment can camp at Ruhija campground.



Sample Checklist
African broadbill Mountain masked apalis
Black bee-eater Neumann’s warbler
Black-billed turaco Olive-breasted greenbul
Black-faced rufous warbler Purple-breasted sunbird (NE)
Black-faced warbler Regal sunbird (NE)
Blue-headed sunbird (NE) Ruwenzori apalis
Cinnamon-chested bee-eater Shelley’s crimsonwing (NE)
Grauer’s broadbill (NE) Western green tinkerbird
Handsome francolin (NE) Yellow-streaked greenbul
Many-coloured bush-shrike